What are temple implants?

These soft silicone implants are designed to fill in the temporal hollow that occurs in many patients as they age. This area has traditionally been treated with injectable filler but it can take a large amount of filler to treat the area.

About Temple Impants

Although facial implants have been popular for 50 years, temple implants are newer to the scene.

Temple implants are a single 30 minute treatment that are permanent, but can be easily changed or removed if desired. Temple implants are a new implant that surgeons are bringing into their practice. Temple hollowing can be an obvious sign of aging. Temple implants can fill in those hollows and bring youth and health back to your face. In addition, filling in your temples helps to create more of a heart shape to your face. The temple volumizing helps change your face from a square face to a face that is more oval and pear or heart shaped.

Considering temple implants?

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