What is an eyelid tuck?

Blepharoplasty surgery (eyelid tuck) is performed to cosmetically and functionally rejuvenate the eyelids and associated structures. By rejuvenating the eyelids, patients look more alert, awake and refreshed.

Eyelid Tuck

The excess tissue can also obstruct vision and by having cosmetic eyelid surgery, patients don’t only look better, but oftentimes see better as well. Aging changes of the eyelids can begin in the third decade and it is not uncommon to perform cosmetic eyelid surgery on patients in their 30’s and 40’s. Many people watch what they eat, they exercise and they pay attention to their appearance. Although they feel young, a complaint from many patients is when they look in the mirror they see a person that looks much older than they feel. Their friends are asking them if they are tired and they have lost that happy, refreshed look. Droopy and baggy eyelids simply make patients look older and tired.

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