What is Latisse?

Grow thick eyelashes and eyebrows in weeks with this amazing new, effective and safe product. Latisse can only be purchased from a licensed doctor and cannot be bought in stores. Latisse is now available in a 5 ml size that will last many months and is more economical.

How does Latisse work?

Patients I have witnessed using Latisse simply love it and some of them have had to actually trim their lashes because of the impressive growth.

Women put a lot of energy into their eyelashes using mascara, curling devices, false lashes and over the counter “enhancers”. Long eyelashes have historically been favored by women and this new use of a safe and effective medication is sure to become a very popular cosmetic treatment.

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Every once in a while something really cool comes along in cosmetic surgery. Something that is affordable, is safe, works well and has no recovery. Latisse for eyelash enhancement is an example of a cool new procedure. Latisse(bimatoprost ophthalmic 0.3%) is an eye drop medication produced by Allergan Inc. (the makers of Botox) used to treat glaucoma by lowering intraocular pressure. This drug was called Lumigan and was FDA approved for that purpose in 1996 and has been proven safe in hundreds of peer reviewed articles. Allergan has now obtained FDA approval and for the topical cosmetic use of this drug and have named it Latisse. A clinical trial at Miami University, in which the drug was given to subjects to use in one eye and a placebo in the other, confirmed the findings. Eyelashes treated with Lumigan grew 2 millimeters in 6 weeks, which was twice as quickly as placebos.

The cost of Latisse is $120 but Dr Niamtu will offer it to to patients for $100 for the first 60 days. The 2.5 milliliter bottle will last about 3 months. For lash lengthening one drop is applied to a clean eyeliner brush and brushed through the upper lashes. A single drop will treat both lashes and patients should wait at least 15 minutes before wearing contact lenses. Latisse will also make the eyebrows grow (although it is not FDA approved for this purpose and its use for that is off label) and this drug has been used to treat eyebrows and lashes that have been lost to chemotherapy or other reasons. In order for Latisse to work the patient must have active hair follicles in the lashes or brows. Latisse works at the bases of the eyelashes and when the follicles are in the growth phase (anagen) it stimulates the hair growth. The results are apparent in 1 to 4 weeks and sometimes works in as fast as 2 days. The medication (a prostaglandin analogue) stimulates follicles in the resting stage (telogen) to transition to the growth phase as well as keep the follicles in the growth phase longer. It also makes the follicles hypertrophic which causes thicker lashes.

No serious effects have been reported. Temporary side effects can include inflammation (hyperemia) resulting in redness of the white of the eye (15-45% of patients) and 15% of patients report itching. Latisse is not to be used in patients with chronic eye inflammation or patients who have very recently had eye surgery. Patients who have had complicated cataract surgery should not use Latisse. Latisse also stimulates melanocytes (pigment cells) which causes the lashes to become darker as well as longer and thicker. Due to the stimulation of pigment cells Latisse can darken the iris (center of the eye around the pupil) in some patients. This occurs mostly in patients with hazel colored eyes. If Latisse contacts the eyelid skin or cheek, it can also darken the skin, which can be treated with bleaching cream. It is important to only put the drug on the base of the eyelashes and not in the eye or on the skin. The darkening of the iris has been seen mostly in patients that use the drops in the eye, and not the more conservative method of applying with an eyeliner brush. If the drug is stopped, the iris will not reverse to normal color. Any patient with a history of eye disease or other eye problems should consult their ophthalmologist before using Latisse.

The effects of Latisse only last as long as the drops are being used. If the drops are stopped abruptly, many of the lashes will phase out simultaneously and the lengthening result will be lost, so it is recommended to wean off the drops slowly so the lashes will be in different phases of the nongrowth phase (catagen). There is no downside to stopping using Latisse, the lashes will simply revert to their original length, thickness and color. This is similar to quit coloring ones hair, nothing bad happens, the roots simply go back to the normal color.

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