What is a facelift problem correction?

We have all seen “facelifts gone bad” on television. Fortunately these problems are rare. One of the biggest fears of prospective facelift patients is having an “operated,” “wind tunnel” or other unnatural look. Every facelift patient will say “I don’t want to look like Joan Rivers”.

Facelift Problem Corrections

Although the best doctors can have complications, most unnatural facelifts are usually the result of improper technique. When the proper procedure is performed on the proper patient an unnatural look is uncommon.

Pixie Ear Lobe

The picture on the left shows a “Pixie Earlobe”. This is frequently from improper facelift technique and is unfortunately an all too common complication with some surgeons. This results from “hanging the cheek or neck skin on the earlobe”. This happens if too much tension is placed on the earlobe or from improper surgical planning.

This deformity can be corrected and the Pixie Ear Lobes pictures on the right show patients whose procedure was done elsewhere and was corrected by our facelift specialist.

These patients presented from other surgeons with pixie earlobes from a previous faceliftOur facelift specialist corrected the pixie earlobes and revised the facelift.

Scar Problems

The patient below was treated by our facelift specialist and has normal post facelift scars. Experienced surgeons spend a lot of time making sure the scars will be optimum. A graceful scar is the signature of the surgeon.

Improperly Placed Scars

Poor scar placement is also a commonly encountered by inexperienced surgeons. Normally, facelift scars are hidden in the hairline and inside and behind the ear. When performed correctly on a patient with normal healing they should be difficult to see. The photo to the right shows a patient operated on by our facelift specialist with properly placed scars and excellent healing.

Incomplete Treatment

The patients below had all received “short cut” facelifts that are frequently advertised on TV. All three of these patients had their facelifts done within two years of thses pictures. Although these franchise facelift companies claim their facelifts are “medical breakthroughs” and “new technologies”, in reality they are merely a short cuts and frequently fail to produce natural and lasting results. All three of these patients were required to have a second procedure to deliver the results they should have had in the first surgery had it been performed correctly.

Remember, there is not short cut to facelift surgery. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Hairline Problems

Very careful planning and attention must be paid to the hairline. Failure to do so can cause significant deformities or tell tale signs of a poor faceliftOur facelift specialist uses carefully designed incision techniques to prevent the loss or movement of the sideburn or “stepping” of the hairline behind the ear.

Loss of the temporal hairline can be avoided by modifying the facelift incision to preserve the sideburn area. This is the type of incision used by our facelift specialist.

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